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Default Fused 4 ways good, unfused 4 ways bad?

I'd not say fused ones are any better made an unfused ones, though the
unfused are probably now quite old as I've not seen them on sale for some
time. The way the bent bits of metal and rod only connect really well when
you shove plugs in seem to be very poor to me and most seem to be made this


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"Chris Holmes" wrote in message
At work the Fire Officer is having a clampdown on Unfused 4 Way Mains

I presume this is following advice either from his "industry" or from
facilities (a separate company who charge us loadsamoney for anything
they do)

Any ideas what the rationale might be behind this?

I can think of a few....

Perhaps they feel that in general fused 4 ways are better quality then

They feel that having a fuse at the outlet end of a 4 way on a long
cable (most of ours are 2 metres) might blow / blow faster than just
having them fused in the plug.

They feel that supplying us with a load of good quality (expensive) 4
ways at a premium, is a major contribution to their new greenhouse!

Any ideas as to whether these unfused 4 ways are generally regarded
with suspiscion (and why)?