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Default Refinished Stanley 5 1/4 Junior Jack

A little elbow grease and we have a very good plane.
The iron and chip breaker were heavily rusted. I was able to get most
off, but not all. But it is fine now.

Nice job. I love seeing things restored and put back into use.

Last year I restored two Stanley planes. One had almost no rust, the
other fairly heavily rusted. Couple of people, including a plane guy
at my local Woodcraft, recommended Evaporust. I picked some up at
Autozone and it worked great. No harm to the finish, just removed the
rust clean as a whistle.

Since then I've used that stuff on several rusty items with great
success. I keep a bottle handy should I find anything in need of rust
removal. Only difficulty is sometimes finding a container to fit
things into and soak properly. But it's been worth it for me.