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R. E. Engerman
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"Luigi Zanasi" wrote in message
On Sun, 09 May 2004 17:40:57 GMT, "R. E. Engerman"

I buy only the best tools available because they hold up and cost less in
the long run. My shop is almost 100% Craftsman. If Bob Vila uses them,

know they are professional quality.

Whatever happened to the Unit Saw?


Works like a charm with the Craftsman direct drive motor. No sloppy belts
to deal with and it runs on 110 volts with plenty of power. The old Delta
motor was heavier than the Craftsman, but I figure it is heavier because it
has more volts in it. I don't need all them volts with the Craftsman
because they have a lot more power than other brands. That is what makes
them Professional Grade.

I did have to do some adjusting to get the blade and motor assembly lined up
just right. I must have been off a little when I drilled the holes through
the top. The first few boards I tried to cut kept flying up and hitting
the garage ceiling, but then I figured it out. A few hits with the hammer
helped, but I had to run a bigger drill through the bolt holes so I could
move the motor far enough. Cuts straight now. If it gets out of line and
starts throwing wood, I just smack the side of the motor with a hammer and
it gets back in line again.

The kitchen cabinets are almost done. I needed more particle board and had
a delay because Home Depot ran out, but they got some more in. It gets hard
to cut sometimes. My neighbor said I should get a Car Bide blade, but I
could not find that brand at either Sears or Home Depot. I even looked for
Car Bide Company but found no information on them.

Ralph Engerman
R. E. Quick Transit