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J. Clarke
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Default Hall of Fame/Shame Tool Survey

George wrote:

"Searcher" wrote in message
In my experience's I have found that

A) Chevy ----BAD

I wasn't looking for brands of stuff other than tools, but if I included
other stuff the top of my list would include:

Toyota -- far and away the least troublesome and least expensive to
brand of vehicle I've EVER bought. For appearance sake, I SHOULD replace
my Toyota pickup (pre-Tacoma) but it is very hard to part with the best
vehicle I've ever bought.

I had one Toyota. There was only one item of maintenance it required--every
12,000 miles you replaced the engine to the tune of 5 thousand bucks. The
third time I finally trashed the piece of crap.

Honda -- the only possible competitor for my next vehicle. Never owned a
Honda car or motorcycle but it is listed here because I have two Honda
mowers, a Honda tiller, and a Honda snowblower and for 12 years they've
started on the first attempt. Unbelievable!

Honda's another one. I had a CB400T that died on me one day--dead starter,
and the genii at Honda had decided to remove the kick starter that year, so
it ended up permanently dead. Seat must have been designed by the same
clan that provided the imperial torturers in earlier days though--I figure
the designer lost somebody he cared about at Hiroshima and was getting
revenge through that seat design.

Nikon -- I have more Nikon lenses than I can count, 5 film bodies going
to 1973, a film scanner, and a digital body. None of them has EVER given
any trouble. As good as Toyota is, Nikon would get my vote for top brand
that I've ever purchased.

Old Nikons are decent equipment. Don't know about the newer ones.

At the other end of the spectrum, a brand that I'd never buy again is
Bought one new and spent more than the purchase price in repairs. Totally
lost my business for good...quite a bit worse than the Chevys and Fords
I've owned.

I've never had any significant trouble with a Ford or Chevy.

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