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Default Hall of Fame/Shame Tool Survey

In my experience's I have found that

A) Chevy ----BAD
D) Craftsman great but you must buy the high end stuff
E) Delta ----GREAT
F) B & D (scrollsaw) Pretty good
G)Buck Bros ehhh, SO SO
H)RIGID Home depot brand of CRAFTSMAN must buy high end

These are only my opinions, and Yes I have owned both Chevy and Ford, 3 of
each and I had more problems with the Chevy's , I have also purchase many
Craftsman items and have only had problems with the lower end models. All my
high end Craftsman has been very good to work with, I know that time is an
issue and I have only had my wood shop since Jan. I bought all my tools new
and will know better about Craftsman as time goes by.I do know that
Craftsman had a bad period in the 80's and I can only hope that my tools
will lasts as long as Craftsman of yesteryear!

Rich AKA Searcher1
"George" wrote in message
Just wondering, what brands have you bought that you've been very happy

and what brands are you sorry you bought???

My experience:

Hall of Fame: Bosch, Porter-Cable, Delta, Milwaukee

Hall of Shame: Ryobi, Powermatic, Craftsman