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Default Wood Floor Question/Agree with Acclimation

Yes, I do agree. It was just that I had a window of opportunity to
do the floor before Christmas, and my client was antsy....
I calmed them down, and will wait until Jan. to install.
That way the wood will be allowed to accrue the ambient temp, and moisture
of the
house, and hopefully work out just fine.
thanks for the notes

"jloomis" wrote in message ...

I have a wood floor to install,
The client chose a pre-finished 3/4 oak.
Now I understand acclimation and such.
On one hand a friend of mine who is into wood floors for years,
and had a business making wood flooring say's you do not have to acclimate
pre-finished wood flooring.
When I read a manual on installing wood floors it says to "acclimate" it.
Who or what is the best practice?