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Default DIY Apps - Are they any good?

On 15/11/2012 16:29, whisky-dave wrote:

I'm not sure a phone can test blood..... I know lots of things are
happening in the medical world quite a few of my students do that,
but the phone is only the output device it's not really used for
actual testing.

You could do blood/breathe alcohol level, but somehow the phones go
to have the relivant cirucitry. I suprised that aren;'t used for
measuring speed too,rather than rely on a cars speedo, but I get the
impression the errors might be too large.

On its own, I'd struggle to see how a blood test could work. Which was
why I wrote "with appropriate Bluetooth devices". And one that uses the
flash of the phone is this:

Not entirely sure if this particular device incorporates Bluetooth - I
think not - but other devices might well do so and it is easy to see why
that might be of use. One of the most obvious, though trivial,
applications would be to collect data from a standalone portable blood
pressure machine such as are readily available.