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Default Toilet bidet seat conversions (update)

Tim+ wrote:
Has anyone got any experience of bidet toilet seat conversions like this?

Seems like a low risk affordable way of converting an existing loo.

Any thoughts?


Well, I took the plunge and I have to say I rather impressed. I am now
cleansed of Klingons and depleted of dangle berries. ;-)

Yes, it may only use cold water but it's not that bad and if I was really
fussed, I could probably make up a low wattage water heating system but
really it's not a problem. Fitting was relatively easy although the
plumbing T-piece provided wouldn't accept a standard cistern connection.
The internal diameter of the fitting was just a bit too small for the
stepped section of the "male" pipe connector. I just ground off the
stepped section to make it a flat face and used a rubber washer. I might
look for alternatives but it seems to work fine.

Other minor issues, as it raises the seat hinge by about 5mm, the seat now
slopes very slightly "downhill". Again not a problem. Lastly, my seat lid
binds ever so slightly but I'm sure that the parts will "wear together"
pretty soon. Alternatively I could speed up the process with a bit of
sandpaper in the pinch-point if it bothered me.

Some pictures here.

General overview

Hinge binding

View of pan with seat up.

With a cold water pressure of around 3 bar here it does a very thorough
job. All in all, for the money I think it's pretty darned good. Time will
tell if the materials are good enough to make it durable.