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Default Advice on squeeking squirrelcage motor - 1 attachment

Ed Pawlowski wrote in

On 26 Sep 2012 21:25:42 GMT, Han wrote:

This is the squirrelcage motor in my homemade "air filtration system"
that uses 18x24" filters. The motor has started to make a high
pitched squeeking noise, and the center circular pieces here
(bearings?) ar getting really hot. Is there any way to lubricate, or
salvage the motor, or do I nee to get a new (used?) motor? This thing
has had many, many hours on it, since I use it too to circulate the
air in the basement.

Any advice is appreciated!

Most of those motors are sleeve bearings, self lubricating, and not
easily lubricated after assembly. You may want to drill a 1/16" hole
in the case and get a few drops of oil in it.

You can buy the bearings for a couple of dollars too. McMaster Carr
has them.

Thanks, Ed!

Best regards
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