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Default Toilet bidet seat conversions

Has anyone got any experience of bidet toilet seat conversions like this?

Seems like a low risk affordable way of converting an existing loo.

3 weeks ago i fitted a japanese bidet seat to my bog, but that was £450 as
opposed to twenty odd quid for the thing your talking about,

Mind, my unit is remote controlled, heated seat, fan that sucks the smells
through a carbon filter, heated water for bidet functions at a user
selectable level, same with pressure and position of the sprayer bar, warm
air drier for when you've given the old brown eye a good jet wash etc.

Even has an enema function if you've eaten too many boiled eggs for tea,
high pressure jet that fills you up backwards... havent tried that one
yet... tho the ladies wash function gave my nuts a good tickling

It even flows the water for it through a softening filter thing, so your bum
dosent scale up i guess

I have seen warm water fed versions of the one your talking about, but of
course that needs a hot pipe connection, ok if the bog is next to the sink
of the pipes to the sink or bath/shower run pretty close by, but not sure
i'd want to be squirting freezing cold water on me arse, especialy not this
time of year anyway.