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tiredofspam wrote:
On 8/3/2012 7:20 PM, Bill wrote:
Bill wrote:

I think Amazon started a $40 off sale on $200 Bosch Products today, and
Bosche is offering 2 free batteries:

So I ordered the 2 piece set above for a final price of $198, and will
get *4* batteries in all. The batteries sell for $50, so it's
complicated, but it's almost like getting two drills free! : )

I figure if I wear out 1 pair of batteries, I'll have a backup
pair--extending the life of the product.

Cheers, and thanks!


About 6 weeks since I mailed in the rebate form to Bosch, I received a
letter from them today saying due to "overwhelming response", it will be
another 120 to 160 days before they send my "free" batteries.

I find this to be rather mediocre. Both their letter and their online
customer service representative emphasizing that the batteries were
*free*. I politely disagreed and typed "They were not free". They
indicated that it said "free with purchase". I typed "I made the
purchase, and I made the purchase because of the battery rebate".

At least my rebate form didn't get "lost in the mail". However, I did
not expect Bosch to make a contract with me that they couldn't keep. I
am not an expert on rebate law, but, IMO, I would say that it is what
they did.

If you received the same letter, at least you know you are not alone!
If you received batteries, then I'm not talking with you today! : )


For you this is not a bad thing.
That means your batteries will be out of phase with the others. They
will be sending you fresh new batteries. And all of your batteries won't
die at the same time.

Hang in there with patience.
You probably don't need 4 batteries right now. And you will be the

I mainly wanted to share my experience--just one small voice trying to
combat what I viewed as unprofessional corporate conduct.

Thanks. You are right, I don't need all of the batteries right now.