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Default Vega Utility fence

On Tue, 24 Jul 2012 10:48:28 -0700, wrote:

I have been looking at the Vega 26" Utility fence. Does anyone have
any experience with the Vega fences?

I've had a Vega Utility fence on my ~1982 vintage Craftsmen
contractor's saw for ~15 yrs now. I have a router table mounted as a
table wing and use the fence on both. I reasearched a lot of fences
extensivley before buying.

In a nutshell: the fence is a great buy. It went on easily, holds the
alignment and position, doesn't flex, and is just a damn fine fence.
The micro-adjustment mechinism works great, and even the width
indicator works.

I would buy another Vega fence in a heartbeat.