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Default Lag bolts vs. carriage bolts

On 7 Apr 2004 17:28:10 -0700, (GonnyGump) wrote:

Bottom line: Which is stronger, lag bolts or carriage bolts?

Context and details:
I am building a large (12' long) oak dining room table, the base for
which will be two 18" diameter circular columns. Each of the columns
will sit on a 20" circular "plate" (about 4" thick) that, in turn,
will be supported by four scroll feet. The scroll feet will be
cantilevered out from the plate by about 6". My question is how best
to secure feet to the plate. The two options a a) 4-1/2" lag
bolts up through the heels of the feet and into the plate; or b)
carriage bolts following the same path through the feet and plate and
secured with a nut countersunk into the top of the plate. Can anyone
advise me which will be more secure, both structurally and against any
potential wood movement?

Thanks in advance for useful insights and comments.


can you make the feet from continuous members? that is, opposing pairs
of scrolls cut on the ends of a 32" long board. half lap where they
cross, run a fastener through there into a cross brace in the column.
the load there would be so low it wouldn't matter what you use. it
would just have to be enough to carry the feet along if you picked the
table *up*