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Default Impact driver Drill/Driver Kits

On 6/5/2012 2:10 AM, Bill wrote:
Lew Hodgett wrote:
Bill" wrote:

I noticed that Menards has this impact driver kit on sale for $229.
Bosch 26618-01 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Impact Drill/Driver Kit

It's a deal if you need it.


Puck's suggestion about leaning towards the 2-piece kit seems like good
advice. "Need" is relative. I have a 10-Amp (Dewalt) drill, and I'm
getting better at using it to drive deck screws, but I better understand
it's shortcomings (as a driver) too--especially if one needs to remove a
screw that it has stripped. I wouldn't mind having a "good" cordless
driver too, especially one with a clutch--which neither of the selection
above have, I think (I could be wrong about the one in the 2-piece kit).

Now that I think I am aware of what am impact driver can do for me, I'm
interested and I'll be paying attention. The Bosch impact drill seems to
get very good reviews. The newest one features a "4-pole" motor, which
is supposedly an improvement on its predecessor. It appears that the
patient buyer can get a deal in this market.


The biggest advantage of most cordless drills and impacts over any
corded drill is the electronic brake, release the trigger and the driver
stops, instantly. No over driven screws.