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Default Impact driver Drill/Driver Kits

Puckdropper wrote:

I'd suggest looking for a two-tool kit. That way, you can chuck a drill
bit in one and a driver bit in the other and just swap tools. It really
is an efficient way to work. One thing to watch out for is sometimes the
kits have the same drill or driver as the tool alone but it's only a few
dollars more than just the tool.

I think Amazon started a $40 off sale on $200 Bosch Products today, and
Bosche is offering 2 free batteries:

So I ordered the 2 piece set above for a final price of $198, and will
get *4* batteries in all. The batteries sell for $50, so it's
complicated, but it's almost like getting two drills free! : )

I figure if I wear out 1 pair of batteries, I'll have a backup
pair--extending the life of the product.

Cheers, and thanks!


You do need two batteries. The battery will die just when there's 1 or 2
screws left to drive to finish the project. Two batteries lets you
finish the project. (I don't care if you have a 5 minute charger,
swapping batteries between drill/driver is faster.)