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On 5/14/2012 6:19 PM, Dave wrote:
On Mon, 14 May 2012 08:25:03 -0800, Kevin
Last I heard Outlook Express (or whatever they call it now) didn't
support yEnc, but Thunderbird has for a long time.

As far as I know, Outlook Express (or Outlook for that matter) still
doesn't support yEnc. However, there are a number of add ons that
enable those two mail readers to do so. yproxy is one of the more

Yes, yproxy is the only method I've ever used to read yEnc within Thunderbird.
As far as I know, Thunderbird has *never* supported yEnc natively, and I've
never seen a plugin (or add-on, or extension, or whatever) that will accomplish
that task. In fact, going to the add-on manager in the latest Thunderbird (or
straight to the add-on site at
and searching for "yEnc" yields NO results. That should tell you something
about how "standard" yEnc really is.

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