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Default Designing a work table - ATTN Bill "Workbench from worksmithshop.jpg" yEnc 20740 Bytes

On 5/6/2012 5:56 PM, Joe wrote:
-- A few replies, one answer.

Why do people who post in yEnc get so damn defiant and unhelpful when people
are unable to read what they've posted? I've seen this a zillion times.

A zillion? Seems it must be the standard.

Bull****. That's exactly the point; it's NOT the standard, otherwise you
wouldn't need special software to read it.

You KNOW you're posting in a format that a considerable number of people aren't
going to be able to read, yet you do it anyway, and when people have trouble
your only answer is to tell them to get a REAL newsreader. Yeah thanks, that's
REAL helpful.

Google is your friend. Try 'free yenc decoder' .

Once again, you're making my point. Instead of re-posting the pictures in a
format that anyone can easily read, you continue the "defiant" approach of
telling everyone to install special software. I've been a software engineer
for almost 30 years; I don't need instructions on how to use Google or how to
install free software. Too much of this software comes from untrusted sources,
and is the kind of crap that's prone to installing stupid "toolbars" and search
engines and Lord knows what kind of background processes and spyware. I don't
touch the junk.

Follow the link in the text post - it will get you close.

What link in what text post?
--The one in rec.woodworking asking aboiut a workbench design....
This is the group.

Just because this is "the" group (there are others you know)
that doesn't mean you can't have "text" conversations. We're having one right
now as a matter of fact. And there is no magic link between this group and
rec.woodworking. Actually mentioning "rec.woodworking" would have been more
helpful, but I can see that you're not much into being helpful.

yEnc doesn't work so well in this group. A lot of regulars don't use
newsreaders that can handle it. Try reposting without the yEnc.

That isn't yEnc. It may be some day, but certainly not now.

Again, this is the binaries group. yenc encoding is the right tool for that job,
and has been for almost a decade.

Again, bull****. See

"Because yEnc is not an official Usenet standard, there are popular news
clients which don't natively support yEnc encoding. Outlook Express and
Thunderbird being major examples."

A brace& bit may be what's needed on rare occasions, but the
power drill is usually more efficient.
Same thing.

No it's not; that's a ridiculous analogy. A standard moderate size JPEG
attachment is perfectly efficient for 99.9% of what we do here in A.B.P.W., and
it correlates MUCH more closely to a power drill than a brace and bit.
Besides, what good is your super-efficient power drill to me if it uses some
goofy European plug and doesn't run on 110AC?

Unless you are posting some VERY large binaries (like full-length movies), any
efficiency gains provided by yEnc are negligible and are outweighed by the
inconvenience of it being a non-standard format that the most widely-used
readers don't support.

Any given amount of traffic flow, no matter how
sparse, will expand to fill all available lanes.
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