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Default Watkins Westminster combo from 1964

On Apr 12, 8:20*am, "N_Cook" wrote:
All the steelwork is corroded a bright sulphur-coloured lemon-yellow. I
don't remember seeing that before, actual sulphur?

Not a zinc dichromate or cadmium plating?

I'll try scraping off and
burning some
I've recorded all the R values sequenced through the amp
A previous repairer had marked V1? and V2 ? positions as ECC83, the op
bottles are CV2975 so EL84, RR is marked EZ80 leaving just the valve
posistioned as ,and wired cusory-looking as , a splitter driver V3? it looks
like a double triode and I will test as ECC82, has 4OD etched on the
envelope , when I dig out those crib sheets for that.

Looks like guitar amp repair keeps you folks in business. Do you do
your own reconing, or do you have favorite people to do that? Can they
match the cone and fundamental resonance fairly close, or does
reconing inevitably change the sound?