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On Thu, 12 Apr 2012 09:12:55 +1000, Franc Zabkar

On Wed, 11 Apr 2012 15:37:36 -0700, Jeff Liebermann
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As a side biz, I resell used cell phones.


On the other foot, any phone that uses an 18 pin connect has to be at
least 10 years old. I can see why the Sprint people didn't want to
deal with it. The average lifetime of a cell phone is about 18 months
(30 months for a smartphone). You might want to consider an upgrade.

Some might see an inconsistency here. ;-)
- Franc Zabkar

Where? I don't see anything wrong. If you're wondering about the 18
month lifetime for commodity cell phones, please consider that it's an
average. Some people keep their phones literally forever. I know one
techy type that just loves his Qualcomm QCP-6035 phone because it uses
Palm OS. On the other foot, I have a few regular customers, that
regularly buy replacement phones from me (usually the same model).
Mostly, they loose the phone, but quite often sit on them while open,
break connectors, or possibly use it for a soup spoon. Smartphones
are more expense, and tend to be treated slightly better.

If you have a problem with me refurbishing old phones, while Sprint
refuses to do so, it might be because the typical cell phone outlet
has minimal technical talent and can't fix anything without sending
out to a 3rd part. They do that with warranty issues. The customer
gets a refurbished phone, in trade for their "defective" phone.
However, that applies only to fairly recent model phones, not to older

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