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Default the importance of truly clean contacts

No, your problem is you do not know how to interact with people

You storm in, having "diagnosed" the problem already, but the people
you are trying to convince know you are wrong and clueless.
You then demand a replacement part, which they don't have, and are
quite sure you do not need, because they know far more about this
problem than you do.

I suspect you then belittle them with your apparent and incorrect

knowledge", at which point they pretty much say (internally) "f**k you
as****e, come back when you have learnt to be a bit more civil, I'm not
helping you now, even though I can".

Your loss, I'm afraid.

You weren't there. You don't know. You are arguing for the sake of arguing.

The next time you are treated as I was, by people who have no desire to
assist you, but to sell you something, I expect an apology from you.