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Default Multiple switch mode power supplies

On Apr 9, 7:30*am, "William Sommerwerck"
Would there be an EMC or cross-coupling *problem due to 3
free-running oscillator SMPS running inside one box, often the
case that 3 would be togrther in close proximity charging 3
phones at the same time.

It's unlikely their transformers would have sufficient stray flux to produce

If you're worried, position two of them at right angles, and the third
not-in-line with either.

Please learn how to write a short, simple, declarative sentence! Learning
how will give you a great sense of satisfaction.

Mr. Cook's question was stated just fine, we have some grouches here
this Monday morning.

There is a slight chance that the oscillators would try to sync up, it
depends on how close they are in free-running frequency and also on
how much intercoupling there is between the electronics, as well as
any possible flux coupling between the transformers. Really hard to