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Default Strange noises on telephone line

chuck wrote:

It's AT&T. That's why I find their indifference to repairing this
long term problem so amazing. Chuck

I don't. I had five WATTS lines down one friday at a TV station. I
got a very abusive woman on the AT&T longlines support number. I
explained that we had paid a $10,000 deposit for ten WATTS lines for a
12 day telethon. She started cursing that it was Friday, and minutes
from quitting time, then yelled, ""What the hell do you expect me to do,
pull someone of another job, for your problem?" I reminded her that we
were guaranteed a 30 minute response, per our contract. She screamed,
"You'll be #$%^&*() lucky if we get to you by next @#$%^&*() friday!!!"
I said, OK, Our telethon starts in 15 minutes. I'd hate to have to tell
our viewers that you refused to honor your contract, just because we're
a Christian TV station. She whispered "You wouldn't!" I said, I'd hate
to have to and hung up. The first truck arrived exactly seven minutes
later. A total of seven trucks arrived, including the district field
supervisor. All of them were laughing about what a panic the dispatch
office was in, and laughed even harder when i told them what I'd done.
All five lines were out, due to a failed SLIC and were repaired just
seconds before the telethon started.

I've had an open work order with Centurylink for over two years. My
line will get extremely noisy, or go dead. Before they arrive, it
usually starts working. In one cause they found it was still out.
Rather than isolate the problem they swapped the line to another pair
and a different port on the SLIC, as well as a different pair to the
house. They left the pedestal unlocked so I could try to catch it, but
so far I've had no luck. It quits when it's dry, but if someone calls
my number, it starts working again. I'm about ready to drop it
altogether and go with the flaky VIOP phone service from the cable

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