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Default Component manufacturer logo "DW" in ellipse?

"tm" writes:

Might be close or the same.

That's just a search page, and it returns no actual hits for a "Microsemi UF860"
(assuming that such a part even exists, which is doubtful). It's just a generated
(failed) search attempt from a previous user, not an actual source of information.
(Hint: all the websites with "datasheet" in their name are advertising for
unrelated junk. Best to filter those out of your google searches, they just waste

Googling just "UF860" yields:
which has an xref chart stating that a good xref for "UF860" (manu unspecified)
is "Microsemi SD120UF600X60". However, I see no evidence on the web or
on vendor web sites (eg, Digikey) of the existence of such a part.

Good guess that "DUF860" stands for "Diode, Ultra-Fast-recovery".
The "8" and "6" might indicate 80A, 600V or 60A, 800V. Or they may
have no meaning whatsoever, and the actual values could be
10A @ 900V or 35A @ 150V or whatever.

Looks like I'm going to have to intuit from reverse-engineering what the
current and voltage ratings are, unless I can find what company "DW" is
and get the data sheet from their web site. (Once I find the V/I ratings,
easy enough to get suitable replacement from Vishay or whoever.)

Hence the original question:

Who has logo "DW" in ellipse, D upper-case sans-serif, W upper-case script?

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