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Default Component manufacturer logo "DW" in ellipse?

"Robbie Hatley" wrote in message

Greetings, group. I just got a board plopped on my bench with diodes from
a manufacturer I don't recognize. Logo is "DW" inside an ellipse,
with the "D" sans-serif upper-case and the "W" script upper-case.
Anyone recognize that?

I'm tempted to guess Daewoo, but their logo is completely different.

Oh, and the part has part number DUF860. Googling this gives 2000
hits, none relevant. Googling (DUF860 diode) gives nothing.

Package is TO-220 with chopped-short center pin, and diode symbol
printed under part number with cathode on left.

I've looked at 5 different "logos" sites, but no match. Stumped.


Might be close or the same.