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Default Strange noises on telephone line

I have two POTS lines into my home. One is measured service
residential and the other is for my business. The only difference
between the two as far as I can tell is that the telephone company
gets to charge me four times as much for the business line.

This is going to sound really strange. Every so often when I'm on the
phone (either line) with someone I hear these strange noises. The only
way to describe them is: "BOING, BOING, BOING, etc. The onset of these
noise cannot be associated with anything in particular. They seem to
happen randomly and their duration, as well as their amplitude is
random as well. Sometimes they are almost deafening and at other
times they are soft.

The interesting thing is that only I can hear them. The person on the
other end cannot. The telephone company hasn't got a clue as to what
could be going on and have asked me to try to log these events. So
far, as near as I can tell I don't think I've heard it on local calls
but rather on calls to cell phones, 1-800 numbers and long distance
calls. I've called them a few times about this and I figure by now
they're starting to think that I'm nuts. Perhaps whoever reads this
will concur, however I know that this is happening. Does anyone have
any ideas as to what this could be? Thanks, Lenny