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Default Washing machine info ...

N_Cook wrote:

Arfa Daily wrote in message

Anyone know of a free site UK-side, that archives service info for


appliances ? My Hotpoint WMA64 washing machine has gone belly up today.


motor doesn't run on wash, rise or spin. Probably just motor brushes, but
the motor is right underneath, and I didn't have time to prat about with


today. A basic wiring diagram might be handy, if it turns out to be not
directly related to the motor itself


Beware of jagged metalwork , cover over/ tape down all such with something,
before working inside it

Oh, those were the one's they laid off. The one's that cleaned up those
issues before assembly. Look at the money they saved!

Not to worry though, I am sure they have it written up some where
that only qualified service centers should work on the appliance, and
the service center has a big disclaimer on the manual indicating to use
gloves while servicing, there by, removing all liability from the maker.