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On Mar 25, 3:13*pm, wrote:
On Sun, 25 Mar 2012 00:25:26 -0700 (PDT), Ron

On Mar 24, 7:18*pm, "Arfa Daily" wrote:
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Sombody gave us an *old TV/VCR made by RCA that works pretty wel but
there is no particular button or switch to set the VCR for anything
but SP recording. Okay for a decent picture but that stting eats up
tape far too fast. We also got a remote control-- also suppossedly RCA
made-- but I don;t think was made for this combo as it doesn't have an
EP button either, so when trying to set the thing for timed taping,
there's no way to set for EP even though the screen offers the choice
of SP or EP.

I trid to find a remote with the elusive EP button but no joy on any
of them. Does anyone know how I can change the tape speed on this old


Old clunker indeed ! If it's not a silly question Ron, why on earth would
you want to keep using this outdated technology, when hard disk recorders
capable of more than 100 hours continuous recording at full broadcast
quality, are available for next to nothing now ... * ?

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Somebody gave it to me free, it works, and tapes are cheap... * :-)


Since tapes are cheap, why the obsession with reducing the picture
quality to use fewer tapes? *I have to agree with Mr. Daley on this -
DVRs are inexpensive and produce much better results.

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No obsession but if there's a 2-1/2 hour movie on like say, Lean on
Me, but the tape will record only 2 hours, obviously I am gonna miss
the last half hour of my movie on SP. Six hours is always better than
two any day!