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Default poor man's pot track cleaner ?

Naptha is a very thin solvent and probably still the main ingrediant in
cigarette lighter fluid (and possibly charcoal lighter fluid).

Naptha and other cheap substitute solvents won't provide the same cleaning
qualities or lasting lubrication on pot elements.

Naptha isn't the sort of product I'd want used on any of my equipment. It
will most likely be absorbed by nearby materials, and if something goes
wrong (during or after application) I suspect that the combustibility
ratings of the various otherwise safe materials will be significantly

I'm no stranger to flammable solvents.. I spent many years working with them
every day and never had a fire incident. There are safety precautions which
must be obeyed to minimize the risk of fires.. and careless storage,
disposal or handling of solvents is asking for trouble.

In the past, I've recommended against the not use of other solvents in
electronic equipment (WD40 is stoddard solvent) for any anecdotal "werks
great for this" problems.

Improvising with a product just because it's cheaper or more conveniently
available isn't rational logic, IMO.
If the electronic gear isn't worth servicing properly, then it would be
better to just sell it for parts.

I've encountered cheap customers that have wanted something
repaired/serviced for almost free since they only paid $2 for it at a flea
market.. and they believe they're being sensible.
I've let them know that they aren't going to waste any more of my time.


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I generally never use an aerosol can for cleaning pots/switch contacts..

For these sorts of situations I make a reducer of sorts from various sizes
of sleeving down to a short length of PTFE 1mm spaghetti tube, great for
getting into switch and pot bodies, Now just to find some naptha and see
it is too viscous to go down 1mm minus wall thickness