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Default poor man's pot track cleaner ?

I generally never use an aerosol can for cleaning pots/switch contacts.. not
just because it's extremely wasteful, but because the area needing cleaning
usually only needs about 2 drops of DeoxIt.
Applying a flood of cleaner product doesn't get the parts any cleaner, it
just makes a huge mess.
Flooding shafted pots typically rinses away the thick grease in the shaft
bushing and a pot will lose that smooth resistance to turning feel that it
had/should have.

It seems that many people just can't resist the instantaneous push-button
solution for a problem, no matter how much the miracle product costs.
With a push-button cure, many appreciate the instant gratification.

A 5oz (weight) can of DeoxIt lasts a very long time when used sparingly.

I buy the areosol versions of DeoxIt, but I spray the liquids into small
poly bottles which have needle tips (syringes don't work since the rubber
pistons deteriorate/swell from contact with the solvents).

The types of bottles I use are the little retail bottles for dispensing a
drop (foot antifungal or eyedrops products), and I add needle tips to them.
There are small bottles marketed as fishing products for injecting air into
worms so they don't sink, which are supplied with a needle. To prevent
getting cut/jabbed by the sharp point, the needle can be pulled out and
turned around so the point isn't sticking out.

The paste/grease DeoxIt products can be applied with a toothpick or longer
swab stick, although they are handled easily with a syringe fitted with a
large gauge needle (the rubber piston still deteriorates, but the grease
won't leak out like liquid does).


"N_Cook" wrote in message
MM Electronics MP175 16 channel mixer , probably the bee's knees in its
Minor electronic problem , as only 741s , no great problem.
Also one pot needs replacing but all the pots slider and rotary are
dirty/scratchy and I begrudge wasting 2 aerosol cans on this item -