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Default Schematic For Recotron Wireless Speakers?

"Michael A. Terrell" wrote in

Doug White wrote:

These things were also sold under the Advent and Radio Shack name.
They run on 900 MHz. I have the owner's manual, but it doesn't
include any repair info. I actually want to bypass RF and just use
them as battery powered speakers. I'm sure I could trace it out, but
it would be easier if I had a schematic, and I'm curious about the
inner workings of the RF as well.

Do they have volume controls? If so, you may be able to connect
audio across the pot. That is, if it is an analog circuit. If not,
you'll have to find the datasheets for the ICs and draw your own

They do have a volume control, but how useful that is depends on where
they put it in the food chain. Certainly worth a look if I can't scare
anything up.

Recoton also has a large number of patents, and I thought I might get
lucky with one of those. Unfortunately, a lot of them are unrelated, and
none of them include any detailed schematics (sometimes they do). The
guy behind Recoton was Larry Schotz, who was pretty creative. I found
his original patent (4829570) for sending the audio over the power lines
(I had those speakers a long time ago as well). No real info on the 900
MHz FM wireless speakers. I may just have to open one up & try to sort
it all out. If he used a commercial FM decodeer chip, there may be a
clean spot where I can tap into the lines comming out of that. There is
also a left/right/mono selector switch that would be a likely spot to
inject the audio.

Doug White