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Default Angle of Sharpening Plane on hand plane

Mike Marlow wrote:
Mike Marlow wrote:
jloomis wrote:
I recently took in my small tool belt hand plane to be sharpened
along with chisels and power planes and saw blades.
I was wondering what the angle of the Stanley hand held, small hand
plane angle of the cutting blade should be?
It seems the fellow sharpened it much to my dismay very steep and
quick. Not the long angle I remember it as.

Resharpening generally only requires touching up the secondary bevel
- the real cutting edge. The primary bevel is often not in need of
additional work. Google sharpening and you will understand.

BTW John... you should post this kind of question in the main group and not
in the binary group. The binary group is just that, and is not viewed by as
many members that could offer good advise, as rec.woodworking is.

When I look at this group I rarely see binaries as every post seem to
start with re and when I go back to find the original with the binary it
has expired.