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Default Woodworking at its best.....

Post some pictures.
Sounds like a nice set-up.
I have been over tempted to get yet another tool, and a kabota would be it.
I have 5 acres and many stumps, and hill and dale.
I want to build more road access also although the Kabota is small for that,
it could work.
I have paid my friend over 75.00 to 100.00 per hr. to come and do work for
He has a 350 Ford with a dump bed, pulls a trailer and the kabota.
I like the auger, and the wide buckets and also he has a cement breaker that
is awsome.

"Mike M" wrote in message

On Fri, 3 Feb 2012 07:41:28 -0800, "jloomis"

Interesting. I may have to look into this.
Did you buy a trailer too?
You know it all adds up.
Then the differing buckets, and devices they sell.
I like the auger too.
Jeesh the price keeps going up.

How much did you pay.
I have 5 acres of trees, and stumps....

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.. .

On Thu, 2 Feb 2012 13:01:50 -0800, "jloomis"

Totally agree.....It is very hard on the body.
I like the small track Kabota.......
Nice machines......actually they are quite the work horse.

"Mike M" wrote in message
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On Wed, 1 Feb 2012 18:08:14 -0800, "jloomis"

Making way for more sunshine.
What a task.

I found it's gotten a lot easier to do that work since I got a small
excavator. 8-)

Mike M

Funny you should say that as that is what I got. And they have 4 year
zero % interest. I can pretty much make the monthly payments just
doing odd job for my neighbors. Live in an area with a lot of rocks,
stumps and trees. 5 acre minimum. Not trying to be in business so it
works well for all.

Mike M

I actually picked up a 14' 14K LB dump trailer with ramps. Now I load
it up haul all the old wood to the recycler, costs $18-24.00 to dump
it and I'm home in an hour. I can take old rotten stuff and to burn
6-8 yards of that stuff is a week end job. 2 years ago the trailer
was only $6100 plus taxes ect. I'm on social security disablility
which is how I justified, but with trades and working for a tree guy
hauling chips like I say its pretty much free. Kubota really values
there parts. I have a 12" and 24" bucket. Unless I'm digging I
mostly use the 12" especially for placing rocks. I picked up B3200 as
well with a loader and backhoe with a thumb. I bought that first but
it couldn't do the heavier work. But still like having the loader,
and the rock rake and back blade come in handy, If I get a chance
I'll try to post some pictures. Did get a sweet deal on the
excavator, the dealer brought it in on a promotion and had to pay for
it in two days so I got it pretty much at cost plus B&O taxes.

Mike M