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Default Denon PMA-770 problems

On Jan 13, 3:39*am, "N_Cook" wrote:
Steve Walker wrote in message


Right side works, left side not, unless volume is set way high, then
horrible staticy low volume. All output transistors removed & checked,
all good. Any ideas? Otherwise it's gonna get tossed, or maybe Ebayed
for parts.

Steve Walker
(remove brain when replying)

Check the tracking of vol and balance pots , compacted grease under a wiper
or bent wiper

Since the left and right channels are identical, use the working
channel to diagnose the failing one. Check for the simple stuff
first. Check the signal at the tape out jacks. This should verify
that the signal is getting through the source switch. I would verify
that the +/- 15 supplies are there for the left side. If you have a
signal generator, feed the same signal into botht he left and right
and trace both sides. There is an IC inline that may be defective.
Check the pins on that IC for signal (either the generator signal or
just a CD.)

Update this with any progress you have made.