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Default Sony model number KDS-50A2000 green haze

On Jan 12, 8:26*am, Bruce Esquibel wrote:
klem kedidelhopper wrote:
I've done some further investigating of this problem and have found
that it occurs due to a poor design of the optical block. The heat
causes the filters to distort and dust that gets into the assembly
because it's not sealed gets burned into the plastic as well. Your
basic **** design. This is 300.00 to the trade for the rebuild, and
since the original problem was never really resolved, after the repair
one can expect to repeat it again after 2 or 3 years. And this
information comes right from a light engine rebuilder. I can hear this
dog barking from a long way off. Lenny

My comment is, that series had such a bad track record, you probably would
be doing everyone a favor and point the customer to the nearest Best Buy.

I have one of those Mits dlp's on it's 3rd and final light engine. It's the
same vintage (05/06) and it's just crap engineering.

I thought though on the SXRD's, the greenish tint was more in the form of
blotches rather than a uniform tint.

I just can't see a reason to put any money into it, taking a quick look
around Craigslist, if they were in love with that model for whatever reason,
seems like a working, good condition exact model is only $400-$450.


My 25 inch 1985 Sylvania still has a great picture and I don't have to
replace lamps, or filters...Lenny