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Default Sony model number KDS-50A2000 green haze

On Jan 11, 4:14*am, "N_Cook" wrote:
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The set is a Sony model number KDS-50A2000. I believe it was
manufactured in 2006. The symptoms are a green hue across the entire
picture. From my understanding this is caused by a bad optical block.
I have never worked on this problem before or come across what it
would cost to fix it. I see that Tri State rebuilds the light engines
for around 250.00 - 300.00 * The only problem is if you add that to my
labor and profit this set will be out on the street with my would be
customer running to Best Buy. I have heard that there is a filter that
melts but I don't have any further information on the repair
procedure. What is involved in rebuilding this assembly and should I
consider trying to rebuild this myself? I hate to lose a job but I
don't want to bury myself either. If someone could please tell me what
my costs would be and what is involved *I would be very grateful.
Thanks, Lenny

If a colour wheel goes slightly out of sync would that lead to an overall
and consistent colour cast?

I think that what you may be referring to is an indexing problem with
the color wheel. I believe it that were to occur it would be more
likely to cause a sort of "shadow" in the picture rather than an
overall haze. This is a pretty well known problem with these sets.
Sony has been sued and forced to make restitution however millions of
people still got left holding the bag. Lenny