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Default OT - Computing question!

On Sat, 07 Jan 2012 09:07:30 +0000, David_B

Redirection - is there some way to 'see' the process?

Sorta. Try traceroute. From your header, it appears that you're
using a Mac. Go to the shell, er... terminal window and run:
resulting in something that ends in this:

11 ( 44.007 ms
42.955 ms 42.500 ms
12 ( 58.137 ms 43.033 ms
42.196 ms
13 ( 143.064 ms
212.679 ms 122.074 ms
14 ( 58.168 ms 41.456 ms
41.801 ms is a web hosting provider that has probably hundreds of
web sites hidden behind this one IP address including

However, the exact target IP of is controlled
by DNS which is under the control of whomever owns

Oops. Looks like something just changed while I was testing. Whois,
nslookup, ping, and now traceroute all claim that
does not exist. I think they just pulled the plug on this domain. It
previously pointed to, but after I flushed
the DNS cache, the web browser comes up with "problem loading page".

Anyway, what I'm guessing was happening was that whomever was in
control of the domain, was using URL redirection to point to other web
sites. This is a feature provided by almost all domain registry

I'm trying to learn about computing matters but am confused as to how
this can happen.

It's intentional. For example, I have that running on one of my
domains. If you go to:
you get redirected to:
Note that the browser shows the target URL. I could also wrap it
inside an HTML frame, and have the browser show the original URL. If
you try to use traceroute to locate, you'll
get about 20 hops, ending in Germany, where I have the domain
registered with I was hoping that it would then show the
redirected route from Germany to Santa Cruz, where the actual web
server is located, but I guess not. Sorry, but I can't demonstrate
the entire path.

If I type, for example, into an address
bar of one of my browsers and click 'go' (if necessary) I'm immediately
whisked off to here instead:-

Presumably the same thing will happen to you. I'd be grateful for
confirmation of that! (If not, I guess I have a problem here!)

How does this work, guys?

Can I 'see' the process in some way?

Any/all help appreciated. TIA.

You really should post your question in a networking newsgroup, not a
repair newsgroup.

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