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Default Insignia is-pd040922 7" portable dvd player with "no disk"

I ordered the part.... The seller has 100 percent good feedback, and
sells all types of pickups.

Will report when I get it..


The part came from Hong Kong, no problems.. took about 2 weeks

NEW HITACHI CD DVD Laser Lens Head Optical HOP-1200W HOP-1200W-B US

I installed it, and first try with an audio cd worked ok. but..
a dvd video would not work. but I noticed it searched around longer than
before. but eventually still "no disk"
I googled around and found a data sheet for this pickup, and found there
were 2 adjustment pots on the pickup, One for the dvd pickup and one for the
cd pickup. Kept adjusting the dvd pot in small increments, and now I am
watching video.

Now I wonder if I had adjusted the old head, if it would have worked.