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Default Morning Sunrise blocked by barn

My son lives in Humboldt area. Eureka. It is still a very nice place, and
yes it has its urban woes and such although not near as bad as in the big
I almost went to Humboldt also, and did send my son there for college.

"Kevin Miller" wrote in message

On 01/05/2012 04:28 AM, jloomis wrote:
Hello Kevin,
This is Northern Calif. in the Redwoods.
Along the coast.
Sorry for the download to the wrong group.
Actually these are not as reflective of much of the area.
They are "the tip of the iceberg"
We have had quite a dry spell also which has me concerned too.
Last year was copious amounts of rain and this year it is plain dry.
The redwood forest thrives on moisture as well as the wells in the area.
I post more pics on

It so happens that my groups are lined under each other and so I posted
in this one.

No problem - plenty of wood in those photos! It's just in its
pre-craftsman state. :-)

That's a wonderful area. I spent a while in school at Humboldt State
University about 30 years ago. Really liked the place. Would have
loved to live there about 100 years ago...

Kevin Miller
Juneau, Alaska
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