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Default Belkin F9H100vukcw mains surge protector, 2010

William Sommerwerck wrote in message
I'm assuming the "drop out" is caused by the circuit breaker in the surge
suppressor, and that resetting it restores operation.

A fire marshall told me that surge suppressors sometimes have poor-quality
circuit breakers. Their resistance is too high, and they overheat. This

cause fires.

I suspect the breaker is bad. Once the amp runs long enough, the breaker
gets hot enough to trip.

As they are combined current and temp trip then makes some sort of sense
even if the amp only takes 1 amp of mains . But over an hour and a bit of
contact corrosion/localised heating or something is enough to supply the
temp component .
Googling around Belkin surge protectors a reported problem is Neutral -
Ground short internally to them , which could easily be due to PAT testing ,
but confirms there must be a connection to mains ground inside them