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Default Belkin F9H100vukcw mains surge protector, 2010

Used with an amp with mains drop out occassionally, after an hour or so of
but nothing found wrong with the amp and
no reported problems with the mains.
Anyone aware of problems with these supposed surge suppressors?
or even how they work
axial 115 deg C 5A (one-time?) thermal fuse and a small radial thermal
switch or fuse , probably one of those miniature bimetal dome resettable
combined temp + current switches
X2 yellow block and 3 green polyester caps, is all the componentry ,no
active seen other than
2x100K , 2x LED, 2x 4007 for 2 indicators
Vibrated the radial sw with engraver tool and not found susceptible. But if
a cap was going ohmic and passing excess current there could be intermittant
problem via that, but no discolouration on any cap. To get to the pcb proper
would mean destroying spot weld power lead connections.
This amp is regularly PAT tested, whether with this adaptor in line not
known and because
pcb traces not seen, don;t know if there is a ground connection involved.
Obviously advicing the owner to obtain another one if he wishes to continue
using a surge protector, as an interim and removing the adaptor for future
PAT testing , rather than suspecting amp internal mains Tx wiring at this