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Default Insignia is-pd040922 7" portable dvd player with "no disk"

On Sun, 18 Dec 2011 23:56:58 -0800, "Ray"
put finger to keyboard and composed:

Actually I did not use your info to look up the pickup. Thats a coincidence

I had already googled the part number on the pickup which is
5f28046446e61200 which eventually led me to the ebay unit which looks
identical to mine, so I guess the question still is "If this is the right
Pickup would it require complicated adjustment, or is there a reasonable
chance it would just work ? " I'm willing to gamble if the chances are at
least 50 50, just for the experience.


I don't trust anything on eBay, but that may be just my paranoia.

That said, I believe the unit should just drop in. I haven't ever
changed a DVD pickup (they've always been uneconomically priced), but
CD pickups have a solder blob that protects the assembly from ESD
during transit. This blob needs to be removed.

Perhaps someone else could advise you.

- Franc Zabkar
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