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Default DVD Drive motor power

"Chas" wrote in message
Working on a friends Goldstar GBV441 DVD/RW/CD/RW-VHS/RW unit.
The DVD motor does not spin.
. . I did cut one wire on the DVD drive showed resistance.
Just to be sure
(cheapo multimeter) I ran 5 vdc (from a model RY controller) and the
spun with no problems...
. . . The motor gets it power from a small board. This is a mount for a 2
wire N.O. switch feeding the drive motor? The switch is activated by the
optical sensor moving to the front and pushing a lever on the switch. This
switch board is not getting power from the optical board which in turn is
connected to a daughterboard above the main motherboard. The llaser is lit
and the optical drive motor is working on the optical frame. The disc
door works ok.
. . . .I pulled and re-inserted the two small ribbon cables (between the
daugherboard and the optical frame) a few times, just to make sure no
corosion was in the contacts and
that did not help. I would imagine the narrowest ribbon cable is the
power/control feed, and the widest one is the data cable. The laser
slide moves ok and the laser is illuminated. The spinner frane elevates
and depresses ok. Everything seems to be working fine except the DVD
motor is not getting power.
. . . I am sure my friend would appreciate this one having its DVD working
as it also plays mp3's
. . . .in advance. . .thanks
. . . . . .charlie.

Bad laser pickups are quite common. Probably a waste of time.


Mark Z.