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Default Insignia is-pd040922 7" portable dvd player with "no disk"

On Sun, 18 Dec 2011 18:04:19 -0800, "Ray"
put finger to keyboard and composed:

I found what looks to be the same assembly as mine on ebay 4.m1423.l2649

Do you think it would work without much adjusting ? Everything looks fixed
for 2 little round things on the side of the pickup that might be pots,
I dont see a screwdriver slot. Looking at your diagram I cant spot any

for only about $10 it might be worth trying


I used the Hitachi pickup as a general example that illustrates the
point that there are two laser diodes in a DVD player. I have no idea
what kind of pickup is actually used in your unit.

BTW, it's "Franc", originally pronounced as in Franz, but pronounced
as "Frank" when anglicised. And Frances is a female name -- Francis is
male. :-)

- Franc Zabkar
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