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Default Saeco (and other) coffee machine thermostats

On Dec 15, 1:21*pm, Engineer wrote:
Hi, all,
I keep one of our three espresso coffee machines up and running
(available that is, not actually brewing!) by cannibalizing the others
and buying a few spares parts now and again. *These machines are the
semi-vintage, three button (or switch), high-pressure water-pump type,
Saeco brand and similar. *They are not the new, expensive
microprocessor-controlled things you can't fix!
I want to stock up on thermostats... there are two in the machine on
the boiler. *One is for the sub-boiling point water (to pump through
the coffee) and the other for the subsequent steam generation (over
100 deg C.) *They look like standard small industrial types worth a
buck or two at most... so I don't want to buy them at the not-so-local
Saeco service centre for an "elevated resale price".
What are the two temperatures settings for these? *(I'd guess at about
90 deg C and 105 deg C, respectively, based on the physics - but I'm
really not sure.)
Where might I get them in the Greater Toronto Area (Canada)? *Or by
mail order?
Thanks for all replies.
Merry Christmas!

I would start by taking a photo or two of the present thermostats and
posting them here so folks who are in the know could see them. At the
very least, post some id's that you find on the thermostats. Or, go
to the Saeco/mfgr and get parts info from them without actually buying
them. The parts info would be a reasonable starting point for most