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Default Saeco (and other) coffee machine thermostats

Hi, all,
I keep one of our three espresso coffee machines up and running
(available that is, not actually brewing!) by cannibalizing the others
and buying a few spares parts now and again. These machines are the
semi-vintage, three button (or switch), high-pressure water-pump type,
Saeco brand and similar. They are not the new, expensive
microprocessor-controlled things you can't fix!
I want to stock up on thermostats... there are two in the machine on
the boiler. One is for the sub-boiling point water (to pump through
the coffee) and the other for the subsequent steam generation (over
100 deg C.) They look like standard small industrial types worth a
buck or two at most... so I don't want to buy them at the not-so-local
Saeco service centre for an "elevated resale price".
What are the two temperatures settings for these? (I'd guess at about
90 deg C and 105 deg C, respectively, based on the physics - but I'm
really not sure.)
Where might I get them in the Greater Toronto Area (Canada)? Or by
mail order?
Thanks for all replies.
Merry Christmas!