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Tim Carver
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Default "Best" saw for accurate x-cuts and miters

On Thu, 04 Mar 2004 13:18:29 -0500, Jay Pique

Will a SCMS hold it's position if you tune it dead nuts to 90 degrees
and leave it there, or will it creep? I'm getting the sense that the
ideal situation would be to have a separate SCMS (CMS, MS) for 45s and
90s, as well as one you use for odd angles that you change the
adjustments on.

IME, you are worried about a non-existant problem. Good sliders are
dead accurate at 45 and 90, and they hold it forever, as near as I can
tell. I keep hearing about how an SCMS should be less than perfectly
accurate; in my experience, it just doesn't happen. Neither my
Hitachi nor my PC has ever been less than perfect at 90 or 45 degrees,
even after repeatedly switching back and forth between 45 and 90 many,
many times over the years. And it's really easy to tell; cut 2 pieces
on the same side of the saw and put the ends together. If you are
cutting flat, square stock, and you don't have a dead solid seam with
no gaps, and if you can't adjust the problem away or the problem comes
back after you tune it, you need a better saw.