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Default "Best" saw for accurate x-cuts and miters

Jay Pique wrote in

Will a SCMS hold it's position if you tune it dead nuts to 90 degrees
and leave it there, or will it creep? I'm getting the sense that the
ideal situation would be to have a separate SCMS (CMS, MS) for 45s and
90s, as well as one you use for odd angles that you change the
adjustments on. I guess if there were a MS that had excellently
ground detents that were dead nuts at 90 and 45 every time you moved
it, that would be good too though. And much less expensive.

Does Starrett make a SCMS?


Are you doing finish trim, like baseboards, window casings and crown, where
you need to handle long lengths? If not, a shop-built sled on a well tuned
table saw, with a dedicated angle, works very well. Actually safer for
small pieces, and better backing, resulting in less tear-out.

If, on the other hand, you are routinely handling pieces to 16', that's a
different matter altogether. For trim work, I've been happy with the
accuracy of my DeWalt 12"CMS (not slider). Disclaimer: it stays put in my
shop, and doesn't routinely bounce around in the back of a pickup truck. I
would honestly say that most, if not all of the error accumulated using
that saw is due to my lack of patience and/or experience.

Large detents at standard angles, at least on the table dimension. I don't
routinely lay the blade over.

who really IS going to finish the bathroom trim by the weekend. I promise.