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Default Crate 4x12 Speaker Cabinet Partition for Stereo Use Model BV412SB

"Wild_Bill" wrote:
Would anyone know of a good reason to not install a partition between the
left and right pairs, when using the cabinet for a stereo input?

As it is now, there is just open space inside the cabinet.

All four speakers are identical (16 ohm) and there is a switch at the
rear to select mono (4 or 16 ohm) or stereo (2x8 ohm).

There aren't any baffles, ports or stuffing in the box, just bare
inside.. and I was contemplating installing a wood or wood/foam separator.


It's not often you will get any stereo info in the bass, but it exists, and
could cause a problem without partition.

If the box is low passed below a couple hundred hz, then stuffing is not
needed, but mostly it's necessary to be anything hifi. Open back cabs are
the ones often Stuffingless.

Oh come on, sounds like crazy stuff like we used to do with two ampeg boxes
with 8 12 inch drivers, but those boxes were stuffed and vented, and had