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Default Hacking APC UPS's "Master/Controlled" Feature?

Per (PeteCresswell):
The lawyers or some other clever souls added weasel words in the
User's Guide | 2 Connect Equipment | Master/Controlled Outlets |
"Note: Do not connect peripherals to the Controlled Outlets if
you want them to continue to run when your computer is turned

For the life of my I can't imagine why they would inflict such a
flawed implementation on their customers. I mean... this is an
Uninterruptible Power Supply, not a friggin power strip... it's
all *about* function when the power fails.

Sorry.... that was a non-sequitur..... I'm so ****ed off over
this that I'm not even thinking clearly any more.

But, to answer your question, yes - I have the feature enabled.

It's just that it does not work when the user needs it the most:
when the power fails.