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Default Sony DSC-P3 has Error Code 61;00

On Oct 24, 1:31*pm, abrsvc wrote:
On Oct 23, 11:34*pm, " wrote:

On Oct 23, 8:08*pm, "William Sommerwerck"

The last time you transferred pictures to your computer... Did you properly
eject the memory stick before removing it? If not, you could have damaged
the stick.

I transferred using the USB connector on the camera to download to the

Pne of the most common causes of this error is poor contacts on the
memory stick. *Remove the stick and burnish the contacts a little. *Re-
insert the stick and try again. *It doesn't take much to cause a
questionable connection at the pins. *The contacts can fatigue a bit
as well.

Update this with your progress.


Well---I put the camera on the charger for a couple of hours while I
was doing household chores. Then about 1/2 hour ago, I connected a
USB cable to my computer, and turned the camera on. To my pleasant
surprise, the camera turned on normally and there was no error
mesage. Now I have turned the camera off, disconnected the USB cable
and set it aside until tomorrow morning. We'll see what happens. I
didn't take the camera card out since I did look at the card earlier
today, and was still getting error messages after I replaced the
card. Contacts looked fine when I had it out, and I didn't see
anything that looked like dirt inside the card housing and its
contacts. So, we'll see what happens tomorrow
and will report back. Thanks for your suggeston.